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Re: Microsoft will shut down Mixer, transition users to Facebook Gaming

From Polygon

An important part of this partnership, Spencer stressed, is the integration of Project xCloud technology onto Facebook. He has previously said that Microsoft’s biggest competitors when it comes to streaming games from the cloud are Amazon and Google. This partnership with Facebook makes sense, strengthening the xCloud platform with access to a massive global audience. Sharma said fans should expect to see click-and-play experiences on the social media platform in the future.

Microsoft announcing shutting Mixer down half way through WWDC was a really bad look. And choosing Facebook Gaming as the destination/partnership is just terrible. It sounds like they didn’t really have much of an option based on the goals they set for themselves, but this still a really bad outcome. Also, integrating xCloud and Facebook just makes it something I’ll never use.

Very disappointing.

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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a really good game.


Risk of Rain 2

I tried out Risk of Rain 2 tonight and was really into it. I played the first one a few weeks ago because it was in my Steam library (probably through Humble Bundle or something) and I’ve been thinking about the second one.

There are a lot of things I like about the game, but one of coolest part of the series to me is that the first is 2D and the second is 3D, but they’re still both basically the same game. It’s a dope example of literally adding a new dimension to a thing.

Re: The Xbox Series X master plan

I like Microsoft’s vision for gaming. A lot of this sounds familiar to some of what they were trying to do with the Xbox One before they changed all their plans. They wanted to change some of the assumptions about how we should be buying, renting, owning, and playing games, and I was and still am all for it.


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Re: Half-Life: Alyx review: The greatest VR adventure game yet—and then some

I’ve been watching people stream this. It looks good! It seems like a really deep experience that’s unfortunately still out of reach for a lot of people.


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Re: Final Fantasy 7 Remake feels massive — and more importantly, fun

I played Final Fantasy 7 when it first came out and put a lot of hours into it. I got all the way to the last fight, but then figured I would go back and level up first. But then I thought it would be a good idea to find all the good weapons before the fight. I did side quests for months after that but never actually went back to the boss and beat the game.

I’m gonna actually do it this time.


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My RSS feed looks exactly like the news ticker in Plague Inc right now.

Regarding PlanetSide 2:

I played it for an hour last night and died like 14 times and didn’t kill anything. One of my deaths was a teammate running me over with a truck. The worst part is that the death animation is trash so I got hit by the truck (it went through me) and then I slowly slumped over just like the other 13 times I died.

I’m not really sure I’m ever gonna play it again 🤷🏾‍♂️

Re: PlanetSide 2 is getting a big update as developer tries to build interest in a sequel

I completely forgot PlanetSide existed. I’m gonna download it tonight.


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Re: The Nvidia-Activision divorce is what cloud gaming critics fear

I think this is going to happen a lot more over time as everything continues to move towards streaming/licensing. We’ll get used to it, but it’s sad.


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