Queens, NYC


I created this website by renting an empty Ubuntu server, installing Go, and writing HTTP handlers. I'm not using any frameworks on the front or back end. The design and functionality was custom created by me for this project.

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Stuff I'm using on the server

Stuff I'm using in the browser

Stuff I use for development

My desk, showing a Macbook on a stand next to a monitor showing a secondary desktop. There are two keyboards, two mice, an Xbox controller, headphones, candy, and a Starbucks cup.
Computer: 13-inch, 2020, Macbook Pro
Monitor: 27-inch (2560 x 1440) Dell Display
Editors: Visual Studio Code, Xcode
Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Brave
Terminal: macOS Terminal (zsh)
Image Editing: Pixelmator Pro
API Testing: Postman