Cookies & Privacy

I care about security and privacy. Here's some information about my policies for this website and the things connected to it.


This website uses cookies for:

  • Logging into the website. A cookie containing a JWT is saved after logging in. It lasts 14 days.
  • Visitor analytics. A cookie from a self installed instance of an analytics app is saved when you visit this website. All resources are securely loaded from this server.
  • Password Protected Pages. If you enter the correct password on a password protected page, a cookie is saved so you don't have to enter it in again for 14 days.
  • Display Settings. Changing the display settings to override your operating system preferences saves one cookie per setting. Lasts 14 days.


All data generated or collected by this website stays on this server or PostgreSQL server in the same datacenter in NYC. Any analytics data is collected by and stored on these servers. All resources from this server are served over https.

Payment Processing

Any payments/orders made on this website are processed by Stripe, a third party payment processor.

Your payment will be processed by Stripe, who collects, uses, and processes your information, including payment information, in accordance with their privacy policies.

You can access their privacy policy via the following link:


DwayneBot is a program/library that responds to commands from users. The following is a list of where you can find the bot, and what kind of information is collected:

  • ircs:// DwayneBot is available in some rooms on the IRC server. It keeps track of each user and stores information related to its operations.
  • Video Chat Rooms: DwayneBot is available in each 1-1 video chat room on this website. It doesn't store any user identifiable information.
  • DwayneBot Web Interface: The DwayneBot Web Interface lets you post a message and see how the bot responds without needing to be in a chat room. It doesn't store any user identifiable information.
  • DwaayneBlack's Twitch: DwayneBot is available in my Twitch channel whenever I'm online (and have started the Twitch bot instance). It keeps track of each user and stores information related to its operations.