Some things about me

  • I think it’s very important for people to be curious and try to learn and grow.
  • I like change. I’m not a very habitual person and I like to evaluate the things I’m doing pretty often.
  • I value originality. I mean, nothing’s really original, but I will always appreciate the effort in being creative with the things that are popular or inspire you.
  • For me, knowing more things will always be better than not. I really like exchanging information with people.
  • I’m not a very social person. I’m like hanging out with people and networking and all that. I just don’t really value social interactions/trends as much as individual connections with people.
  • I think everyone should identify with what they’re comfortable with and be whoever they want to be. I respect individuals for who they are and will connect with anyone with a compatible moral code to my own.
  • Speaking of moral codes, I don’t really follow or subscribe to any institutions (political groups, religions, schools, clubs, etc) for my own. I learn what I can from them and then try to come to my own conclusions about what’s right and wrong.

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No Man's Sky
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Things I'm Doing

  • Web Development (See my Gitea profile)
  • PC Gaming
  • Reading (and watching) The Expanse
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