Re: A new format of Magic launches online, with hundreds of new cards

Dwayne Harris   ·   About 209 words

I’ve heard about Magic: The Gathering for a long time, but I only ever knew it as a physical card game so I never really looked into it or considered playing it. A few years back, a friend told me about the digital version of the game (MTG Arena) so I gave it a try.

It’s a great game that I end up getting really into but then abandoning once I get annoyed. I’ve played it on and off for the last few years. I really like the way the game is played (although I don’t think I have the patience to play physically), the sound design in Arena is dope, and I’m definitely into deck building, but I think I just hate the metagame (the optional deck building part of the game where you do some research and try to create and defend against irritating/janky/overpowered decks).

Anyway, they just launched a new game mode and a lot of new cards. It’s probably a great time to try it out if you’ve ever been curious about it.

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