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You know, I do remember reading a little about that at some point during troubleshooting. I think you’re right about it being the problem. The createMediaStreamSource and connect methods both happened in response to an incoming event from a RTCPeerConnection object, not user interaction.

Thanks for the comment!

Hey! Regarding the Safari issue: (I’m not 100% on this, but ) I seem to remember that some browsers restrict AudioContext usage when it’s not created during a user-initiated action. I think this is why the sample project requires that a user click anywhere to start. Hope that helps!

This No More Google website is popular right now.

Hi David. I’ve definitely noticed that too. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or security related, but I assumed it’s something I can’t do anything about yet. For my usage, the user will most likely close the tab as soon as they’re done with the call so it isn’t as big a deal.

I’ve been doing very similar work, and one problem I can’t find any answer to is how to release the mic so the recording indicator disappears. Calling close() on the AudioContext should do it, one’d think, but that doesn’t change the indicator.

Hey, you mentioned that you have been working on getting WebRTC video chat app working. Can I see that ?? I want to learn more about WebRTC as well …

Hi Max,

Make sure you aren’t connecting the AnalyserNode to your BaseAudioContext’s destination.

In some examples you find online, you might see a line like this:


Avoid that!

If you’re still hearing feedback/echoing after getting a media stream from getUserMedia, you might want to try specifying echoCancellation/noiseSuppression in yourMediaStreamConstraints config object like this:

1const config = {
2    video: false,
3    audio: {
4        deviceId: audioDevices.value,
5        autoGainControl: true,
6        echoCancellation: true,
7        noiseSuppression: true
8    }

How can I avoid the feedback loop? It’s like on a concert when the mic picks up the output… testing in a iMac.

I’m still doing some research on exchanges. I’ve been thinking about Kraken, but only if I’m trying to replace Coinbase directly. I can just use offline cryptocurrency wallets instead.

oh no… his face.

what will you use instead of coinbase? i should delete it off my phone too 🤔

i don’t think enough ppl have thought about it from this angle.

The Verge published an today titled Oracle’s TikTok deal accomplishes nothing:

But the last-minute sale is strange in a number of ways — for a start, it’s not a sale at all. After months of insistence that TikTok sever its US operations from Chinese ownership, we’re now settling for a vague partnership between Oracle and the US TikTok operation. It’s still unclear exactly what Oracle’s “trusted tech partner” status entails, but it’s definitively not a sale, and it’s unlikely Oracle is taking over any significant operations from the US TikTok offices. Microsoft’s version of the deal would have severed American TikTok from Europe and Asia entirely, but Oracle’s version of the deal leaves it mostly intact. US TikTok will stay the same as Korean TikTok and Nigerian TikTok; it’s just getting an extra babysitter. That makes it less of a sale and more of a glorified hosting deal. It lets Trump say he’s solved the problem but doesn’t do much else.

Microsoft just responded to more of Apple’s policies.

Comment on Things Are Bad

I heard a few areas are starting to think about a second shut down…

Comment on Things Are Bad

it’s super frustrating to see these issues culminate at a time of opening things back up.