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I’ve been doing web development for most of my career, so I’ve been working with Javascript for a very long time. I’ve used it on the frontend (through many different frameworks), the backend (Node.js), plain, precompiled, and transpiled (using Typescript, Coffescript, etc). It’s one of my favorite languages and I’m very effective using it.

Dwayne.xyz    About this project

January 2020
  • Rented and configured a Ubuntu server and PostgreSQL instance hosted at DigitalOcean.
  • Installed Go, nginx, Gitea, Fathom web analytics, an IRC server, and other software.
  • Developed Go web service and UI design (HTML/CSS/Javascript) for the website.
  • Created a stable deployment process with versioning and rollback capability.
  • Configured web server, services, DNS settings, and TSL certificates (LetsEncrypt).
  • Implemented peer-to-peer videochat using WebSockets, WebRTC, and Web Audio API.
  • Added sitewide CSS animations that activate when entering the viewport.
  • Added website settings for animation control and color scheme that display and respect operating settings for each.
  • See PageSpeed Insights for dwayne.xyz

Do Better NYC    About this project

October 2020  - December 2020
  • Implemented an animation based, slideshow-like project from Figma mockups by overriding Shopify theme settings to implement custom HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Used CSS Animations and pure Javascript for "slides" that advance on scroll, keyboard arrows, or mouse clicks in vertical and horizonal directions.
  • Designed and implemented mobile UX/UI.
  • Received and uploaded assets to Shopify account.
  • Integrated with Shopify APIs to dynamically list product variants and add products to cart from the custom design.

Elpha (iOS Client for Mastodon)

August 2018  - December 2018
  • Designed and built an iOS client for the Mastodon social network.
  • Collaborated with a partner on UX/UI design and iOS assets.
  • Used Swift (with Swift Package Manager) and storyboards (minimal use of third party libraries).
  • Used the Apple Developer tools (including App Store Connect and TestFlight) to create builds for testing.
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Frontend Engineer Full Time

November 2019  - August 2020
  • Started Ember to React refactor of the Tracer product.
  • Started and configured an internal React component library (Github/npm package) used by Tracer.
  • Built Ember and React components and features in collaboration with a Python API backend team.
  • Participated in the switch to a Agile/scrum development style.

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Senior Web Developer Contract

July 2019  - August 2019
  • Helped build a React based web view for a B2B ecommerce app.
  • Helped define processes, build configurations, and Azure Pipeline customizations.

TEKsystems / Apple

Senior Web Developer Contract

March 2018  - March 2019
  • Helped develop multiple React/Redux based internal tools for importing and managing Apple Maps data.
  • Ported a scheduling/planning tool from an older container application to a new one, requiring project reorganization and authentication changes.

TEKsystems / eBay

Software Engineer Contract

October 2017  - February 2018
  • Took over development of a website speed testing and performance improvement application named Coach.
  • Coach: Maintained architecture based on docker images and server/worker node projects that communicate over Redis.
  • Coach: Implemented Bootstrap 4 based design.
  • Coach: Implemented HAR file analysis usign tools like PerfCascade.
  • Coach: Implemented simple team based authentication for maintaining and comparing test runs.

pHin (ConnectedYard Inc)

Software Engineer Full Time

February 2016  - July 2017
  • Designed and developed major product features using Node.js, restify, PostgreSQL, and Angular.
  • Setup, updated, and modified continuous integration configurations (Travis CI) for multiple web/API projects.
  • Investigated and studied hardware issues and solutions.

Polyera Corporation

Web Developer Full Time

October 2015  - January 2016
  • Designed and developed internal Angular.js based web app for managing users and devices.
  • Investigated issues and contributed bug fixes in the Java based API.
  • Explored the advantages/disadvantages of migrating the web app to Angular 2.

TEKsystems / Comcast Silicon Valley

Web Developer Contract

June 2014  - October 2015
  • Worked on developer.comcast.net using Node.js, MySQL, and Backbone.js using Agile/scrum development.
  • Worked on deployment strategies for the website and made improvements to the Jenkins build jobs.

Angie's List

Software Engineer II Full Time

August 2013  - May 2014
  • Worked on angieslist.com using Python and ASP.NET (C#).
  • Learned Scala and worked on utilities and a web application using the Play framework.
  • Learned iOS development (Cocoa) and helped develop the SnapFix iOS application.
  • Created presentations on Angular.js and iOS development.

Gerber Technology

Software Developer Full Time

April 2012  - July 2013
  • Worked with a small team using Agile/scrum methodology.
  • Worked on customizations to the core ASP.NET web project (VB.NET).
  • Modified, created, and maintained Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Deployed .aspx files, .dll files, and scripts to client environments.

AW Systems

Developer, Level 1 Full Time

August 2009  - January 2010
  • Developed and deployed multiple internet applications using ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, and custom SharePoint integration tools.

Graver Technologies

Programmer/Analyst Full Time

January 2008  - July 2009
  • Developed vacation tracking, time tracking, and performance evaulation web based software in ASP.NET.