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My Experience with:

Server Admin (Ubuntu)

I’ve used Linux personally and on the job early on in my career, and I’ve always been curious about what’s going on in the GNU/Linux world. Lately I’ve been doing all of the server administration for this website, starting with an empty Ubuntu installation on Digital Ocean.

Dwayne.xyz    About this project

January 2020
  • Rented and configured a Ubuntu server and PostgreSQL instance hosted at DigitalOcean.
  • Installed Go, nginx, Gitea, Fathom web analytics, an IRC server, and other software.
  • Developed Go web service and UI design (HTML/CSS/Javascript) for the website.
  • Created a stable deployment process with versioning and rollback capability.
  • Configured web server, services, DNS settings, and TSL certificates (LetsEncrypt).
  • Implemented peer-to-peer videochat using WebSockets, WebRTC, and Web Audio API.
  • Added sitewide CSS animations that activate when entering the viewport.
  • Added website settings for animation control and color scheme that display and respect operating settings for each.
  • See PageSpeed Insights for dwayne.xyz


Technical Support Representative Full Time

September 2007  - November 2007
  • Assisted customers with issues related to web hosting, web development, and database administration.
  • Monitored the availability of web servers and did troubleshooting for related problems.