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I’ve used .NET a lot in the middle of my career, but not very recently. C# was one of my favorite languages, although I’m more into F# these days. I used a lot of VB.NET (and VB6) early in my career. I don’t miss them much.

Angie's List

Software Engineer II Full Time

August 2013  - May 2014
  • Worked on angieslist.com using Python and ASP.NET (C#).
  • Learned Scala and worked on utilities and a web application using the Play framework.
  • Learned iOS development (Cocoa) and helped develop the SnapFix iOS application.
  • Created presentations on Angular.js and iOS development.

Gerber Technology

Software Developer Full Time

April 2012  - July 2013
  • Worked with a small team using Agile/scrum methodology.
  • Worked on customizations to the core ASP.NET web project (VB.NET).
  • Modified, created, and maintained Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures.
  • Deployed .aspx files, .dll files, and scripts to client environments.


Application Support Analyst Full Time

March 2010  - April 2012
  • Wrote MSSQL scripts, Crystal Reports, and .NET applications to retrieve and present data to various departments.

AW Systems

Developer, Level 1 Full Time

August 2009  - January 2010
  • Developed and deployed multiple internet applications using ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, and custom SharePoint integration tools.

Graver Technologies

Programmer/Analyst Full Time

January 2008  - July 2009
  • Developed vacation tracking, time tracking, and performance evaulation web based software in ASP.NET.