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My Experience with:


I’ve written (but not published) a few iOS apps over the years. Most recently on a Mastodon client app. I actually really like using Xcode and Apple’s dev tools.

Elpha (iOS Client for Mastodon)

August 2018  - December 2018
  • Designed and built an iOS client for the Mastodon social network.
  • Collaborated with a partner on UX/UI design and iOS assets.
  • Used Swift (with Swift Package Manager) and storyboards (minimal use of third party libraries).
  • Used the Apple Developer tools (including App Store Connect and TestFlight) to create builds for testing.
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Angie's List

Software Engineer II Full Time

August 2013  - May 2014
  • Worked on angieslist.com using Python and ASP.NET (C#).
  • Learned Scala and worked on utilities and a web application using the Play framework.
  • Learned iOS development (Cocoa) and helped develop the SnapFix iOS application.
  • Created presentations on Angular.js and iOS development.