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A colorful Manhattan.

Hudson Yards on a beautiful day.

From Slate:

The ongoing protests following the killing of George Floyd were caught up in violence again on Saturday, as police all over the country tear-gassed protesters, drove vehicles through crowds, opened fire with nonlethal rounds on journalists or people on their own property, and in at least one instance, pushed over an elderly man who was walking away with a cane. Here are some of the ways law enforcement officers escalated the national unrest.

This is exactly what I’ve been seeing unfold on Twitter over the past few days. The original protesters of the killing of George Floyd don’t seem to be the ones out of control here.

Disinfecting a surface requires two steps. Cleaning first, then disinfecting. I didn’t know that.

Also from the article, here’s a look at how long the virus lasts on different surfaces (you can see why there was hesitation around recommending mask use):

COVID-19 Lifespan


By the time the evening’s protests were over, the frustration of the New Yorkers gathered had run headlong into the aggressive mass-arrest protest-policing tactics of the NYPD. Some protesters were in the hospital. Police vehicles were on fire. And with more protests scheduled over the weekend and in the days ahead, there was every indication that the outpouring of anguish over police violence, and the violent police response to it, will only continue.

If you can find cloth masks (there is still a shortage of medical grade masks) please get some and wear them whenever you leave your home.


Long Island City, NYC

A picture of a truck in the snow.

San Jose, CA

I bought some anti-viral tissues recently just because I saw them while I was shopping and figured it was a decent thing to get. But every time I used one I wondered if they actually helped at all. I finally looked it up and… nah, they don’t really seem that effective.