So it’s definitely been a while since my last post.

I was pretty heads-down for a while working on my last client project. It took up most of my time and had me stressed for a while, so I wasn’t writing much. Then the project ended and I immediately jumped into a few large projects of my own, which are causing me a much much better type of stress.

First was the self-hosted live streaming experiment; then, when that didn’t work out all that well (video encoding takes a lot more processing power than I want to pay for right now), I started rewriting my entire web chat and chat bot code to be more useful/impressive and work in more places. The new version of the chat bot, which is now integrated into the website app, has become one of the biggest software projects I’ve ever worked on.

A diagram explaining the different parts of the DwayneBot chat bot architecture.
I'll be talking a lot about what this is and why I did it later. In the meantime, here's a diagram I made showing what I've been building.

Because it’s fully part of the website now, some other changes I made to the website are held up until I deploy this. And because those things are held up, I haven’t been writing anything. I have literally been working on this project any time I’m sitting at my computer for weeks straight.

But I’m finally getting close to deploying so you’ll definitely hear more from me shortly.