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I did a lot of stuff on this server over the weekend.

✅ Updated Gitea to 1.11.0

This is my first time updating any third party Go services on this server so I didn’t know what to expect. It turns out all I had to do was replace the executable and restart the service. It took like 90 seconds.

✅ Installed Miniflux

This also went better than expected. But first there were two days hesitation about it while I thought really hard about whether it was worth installing. I had to enable hstore in Postgres for it, but I didn’t know what it was or how to do it at the time. You know how you enable hstore? By running one command: CREATE EXTENSION hstore; The total installation time was about an hour.

✅ Added a page that pulls my top 20 RSS articles from Miniflux

This was fun. After setting up Miniflux, I redownloaded Reeder on my phone/computer and connected to my instance using the Fever API. I figured I could use the same API from this Go app to create the reading list page. I started to look into it, but it turns out the Fever API is trash. So I did some research and found out that the Miniflux project/library also contains a Go client. The client was easy to use, but I did have to add a memory cache library for it.

✅ Added my own RSS feeds

If you’re using your own RSS reader, you can subscribe to my feeds.

✅ Added a Contact page

I wanted to make sure I had a secure way for anyone to be able to contact me through this website. There’s a brief description of the encryption used on the contact form. I considered adding some kind of captcha solution, but I decided against it. Especially since I definitely wasn’t gonna use Google’s recaptcha.

✅ Updated the website font and mobile design

I need to be better about testing everything on mobile screen sizes and other browsers (I get made fun of pretty relentlessly for using Safari). I do think I made it a little better on phones at least.

✅ Added a Tags page

I like it.

That’s it. You can privately, securely, anonymously let me know how you feel about the changes on the contact page.

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