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New York City. My home. The best city in the USA.

Languages of New York City

I just came across this very cool interactive map of languages spoken in New York City from the Endangered Language Alliance, with breakdowns by world regions, countries, language families, neighborhoods, etc.

From the project info:

With speakers of approximately 10 percent of the world’s 6000-7000 languages, the New York metropolitan area is the most linguistically diverse urban center in the world, probably in the history of the world.

This map is committed to representing in particular the smaller, minority, and Indigenous languages that are primarily oral and have neither public visibility nor official support.

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Re: NYC Releases Plan For Handling COVID-19 Outbreaks In Schools

This NYC School COVID-19 plan cannot seriously be the answer.

Aside from testing, the plan lays out six possible situations involving confirmed infections. They range from a single positive case, in which a classroom will close for 14 days and students and staff with close contact will self-quarantine, to more than two cases in different classrooms. Under the latter scenario, the entire school would shut down and transition to remote learning.

So we’re going to open and close individual schools all throughout the year? Really?

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Thousands Of New Yorkers Protest Police Killing Of George Floyd As NYPD Responds With Batons And Pepper Spray


By the time the evening’s protests were over, the frustration of the New Yorkers gathered had run headlong into the aggressive mass-arrest protest-policing tactics of the NYPD. Some protesters were in the hospital. Police vehicles were on fire. And with more protests scheduled over the weekend and in the days ahead, there was every indication that the outpouring of anguish over police violence, and the violent police response to it, will only continue.

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Re: Coronavirus Numbers Reflect New York City’s Deep Economic Divide

Every single map of NYC that shows some kind of negative effect (violence, poverty, sickness, food availability, etc) on New Yorkers always looks exactly the same. The same “poor” and “wealthy” regions are always highlighted in exactly the same way. Inequality is how the city operates. It’s how the country operates. This is America.

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Re: I’m Working at Rikers Island During the Pandemic. I Have Urgent Questions About Our Safety.

A friend of mine interviewed someone who works at Rikers Island and wrote about it. So many important questions we need answers to:

Right now, what I would like to ask is: What are the measures that will be taken if this outbreak takes over the island? How would the employees be treated? What would happen to inmates? How would the isolation go? We already have facilities on the island that are closed down. If they’re going to open these facilities, who are the people that are going to work there? No one would want to risk working in a place where a lot of people are very sick. How can we test everyone? We don’t have enough test kits in New York City. If you get sick, how would that affect your job? Are we going to get quarantined on the island? If so, how long would that be? What would be the outcome after? When all the smoke clears, are there going to be layoffs? We’re releasing all of these inmates. If the rate of inmates goes down, what’s going to happen in the facility? Because we have approximately 6,000 officers to 4,000 inmates. How is that going to go?

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