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This is most of what I do in my professional (and personal) life. I use this tag for general web development news and articles about my own projects.

MDN Web Docs on GitHub

The MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) Web Docs is by far my most used resource during development. If you do a web search for any web development tech, the top few results will either be from W3Schools (🙄) or MDN.

Back in August, Mozilla made some questionable decisions about how to stay profitable, which included laying off all of the people responsible for maintaining MDN. Web developers in general were definitely very concerned about this.

Mozilla’s plan was to create a new platform for MDN that stores the documentation in GitHub instead of a database they maintain. Contributors can just update the repo to update the documentation on the new system. They just opened up that repo today with their Code of Conduct and information on how to contribute.

Overall, I think this is pretty convenient for maintainers and contributors, so I’m glad it’s moving along the way they planned. I really wish they picked a version control host that doesn’t continue to work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but I’m still glad MDN will be around for a while.

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Nova (Code Editor)

Panic (the company that makes popular macOS dev apps… and the Untitled Goose Game) just released a new editor called Nova.

It looks really good. Lots of great features. I love the website! 1 I won’t be using the app though.

The marketing angle is that it’s native to macOS and takes full advantage of the OS. That’s cool, but I end up doing work on Linux, Windows, and macOS these days and it’s nice to have the consistency of an editor that works on all of them.

  1. Do you see how the image under the “The Interface.” section is using a CSS animation with a polygon clip-path?? I’m into it. ↩︎

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Flexbox and CSS Grid Reference

I created a lil reference page for Flexbox and CSS Grid (I don’t have much of CSS Grid done yet; it’s coming soon) today. I usually use the guides at CSS-Tricks (A Complete Guide to Flexbox and A Complete Guide to Grid), but I wanted to create something organized the way I like it.

I’ll be improving the design and adding properties for a while. I hope you find it useful!

Flexbox and CSS Grid Reference

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