How comments work here.

Writing Comments

When you write a comment on posts on this website, you're asked for a name, code, and the comment itself. The name and code are hashed and the value is stored with the comment. No user accounts are created, and your code is never stored (and it's not guessable from the hash 1).

Comments support Markdown with the following extensions: Tables, Strikethrough, Autolinks, Footnotes. I approve all comments before they can be seen.

Comment Authors

Each comment on the site has an author section. The author section contains either 3 or 4 parts:

  1. If the comment was written by me, you'll see this:
  2. An image, which is an identicon based on the hash mentioned above. It makes it easier to visualize the hash.
  3. The name the user entered in the form.
  4. The hash itself, which you can click on to see any other comments made using the same name and code.

As long as you remember the code you used for a comment, you can edit or delete it at any point. I recommend using a password manager for this and anything else you need a password for.


No cookies are used for comments on this website.

  1. It's an SHA256 hash. You could try to brute force it, but I took some steps to mitigate that.