Queens, NYC

 Identicon mo


oh no… his face.

what will you use instead of coinbase? i should delete it off my phone too 🤔

i don’t think enough ppl have thought about it from this angle.

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it’s super frustrating to see these issues culminate at a time of opening things back up.

is this from about a year ago? :o

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i feel like i should probably give it a try…

i believe any kind of non-consensual public displays of touching are worth examining.

what a mess tbh. even s2 despite its flaws had some interesting episodes. this season was a struggle.

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tbh i love that i can be on any browser and not have to login to anything to comment.

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as always, looking forward to reading them.

it’s almost weird to see! it feels like it was from so long ago and yesterday at the same time.

i wonder if this means the best ones will be distributed worldwide? idk how it works but wouldn’t everyone want the most effective formula?

i feel like elon musk has lost most if not all of his credibility. it’s kind of ridiculous.

it’s fucked up. it feels unlike apple but maybe idk much about how apple acquires things.

my two questions are:

is speedily getting test machines out from abbot mean they’re potentially flawed since it’s a rushed operation?


i wonder if they can be provided maybe at pharmacies instead of just hospitals/urgent care. especially in nyc… people need to be able to go somewhere and check that isn’t a crowded hospital.