Small changelog for the last three updates.

1.13 (Feb 27)

✅ Added tags to autogenerated post titles

If you’re subscribed to the all RSS feed, or you share a link to any of these posts you should notice more descriptive titles.

✅ Added a latest post header to the home page

I’m trying to encourage myself to write more.

✅ Added a “Most Liked” page

1.12 (Feb 23)

✅ Added image thumbnails so I could stop serving inappropriately large images

I added an image library so I can resize images when I upload them. I’m creating a normal size image (3000px wide) and an 800px wide thumbnail. I had to go back and manually resize all the existing images, upload them, and then update the db.

✅ Added a modal fullscreen image view

Now you can click on images on the post view page and see them at full browser width/height. I added a blur behind the image when it’s full size. Firefox still doesn’t support backdrop-filter without changing a config setting.

1.11 (Feb 19)

✅ Added encrypted messaging through the contact page

I wrote about this and other updates in an earlier post.

✅ Made some style changes

The tags list on the home page is position: sticky (you’ll notice as you scroll down the page).