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Robinhood Internal Probe Finds Hackers Hit Almost 2,000 Accounts

Robinhood was hacked again.

How many major issues will this company continue to have?

Also, how is it in any way acceptable for them to have no customer support phone number after all this time?

The attacks unleashed a torrent of complaints on social media, where investors recounted futile attempts to call the brokerage, which doesn’t have a customer service phone number. Robinhood, which has more than 13 million customer accounts, is now considering whether to add a phone number along with other tools, the person said.

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1Password launches virtual credit card generator for safer online payments

1Password just added a feature to create virtual credit cards for you through

I’ve been using 1Password for years now, and it’s definitely necessary for my workflow these days. It’s also really good for two factor authentication.

I also signed up for back in May and use it every once in a while for random things. Most recently it was to pay to have my LLC listed in some newspapers in Albany for New York’s publication requirements.

Putting the two together is a really good idea. I’ll definitely be using this.

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Re: Zoom releases 5.0 update with security and privacy improvements

I’m glad Zoom is continuing to improve things:

Zoom is clearly responding quickly to the issues that have been raised, just as it has seen an influx of millions of new users using its service during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Zoom reported a maximum of 10 million daily users back in December, but this skyrocketed to more than 200 million daily meeting participants in March. There are still more issues to address and improvements required, but 20 days after Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan promised changes, we’re now starting to see exactly how Zoom is responding.

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Re: Android malware can steal Google Authenticator 2FA codes | ZDNet

I recommend using a password manager and doing 2FA through that. I’ve been using 1Password for a while and recently switched to using it instead of Authy for all my 2FA accounts. I think most of the popular password managers should support this.

Some password managers to consider:

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