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Robinhood Internal Probe Finds Hackers Hit Almost 2,000 Accounts

Robinhood was hacked again.

How many major issues will this company continue to have?

Also, how is it in any way acceptable for them to have no customer support phone number after all this time?

The attacks unleashed a torrent of complaints on social media, where investors recounted futile attempts to call the brokerage, which doesn’t have a customer service phone number. Robinhood, which has more than 13 million customer accounts, is now considering whether to add a phone number along with other tools, the person said.

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Re: Furious Robinhood users are slamming the commission-free trading service, which has been partially offline for hours as the market rebounds from coronavirus dip

In trying to imagine how much Robinhood employees were/are panicking through all this. smh.

What a way to destroy your company’s reputation and any trust your users had.

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Re: Warren Buffett blasts bitcoin as worthless and vows he will never own a cryptocurrency | Currency News | Financial and Business News | Markets Insider

I guess when you’ve made your fortune playing with stocks for like 8 decades it’s hard to see value in anything else. Okay then old man.

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