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Just came across an article about Kim Kardashian West freezing her Facebook/Instagram accounts to protest the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation.

This comes not long after a 6,600 word memo from a Facebook whistleblower was leaked where the author describes the company’s failure to act on evidence that people have been abusing the platform to undermine elections and political affairs around the world.

I haven’t used either Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp in years. The company has way too much of an effect on the world to be run by people who are this severely lacking in empathy or morality. I’m glad Kardashian West is bringing a little more attention to the company’s failures.

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It’s worth putting time and effort into being accurate with the information you share.

Some basic tips:

  1. You should have an idea of the source for the information you’re sharing. If you come across something that seems outrageous, please do a quick search to see if any news organizations you’ve heard of have said anything about it.
  2. If something seems to be a rumor or you aren’t able to verify it, please state that it’s a rumor or unverified if you decide to share it.
  3. Don’t be racist.
  4. Use common sense. It sounds belittling, but I mean it honestly. If something you see on the internet sounds unbelievable, then you probably shouldn’t believe it. At the very least you should do a quick search before sharing.


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