Video Chat with Dwayne supports secure peer-to-peer video chat, text chat, and screen sharing directly through your browser. No plugins required. Request a chat with me using this form. When I'm available, I'll contact you with a link.

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July 1, 2022
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Technical Details

The chat pages use WebSockets to create a connection to this server (via the wss:// protocol) and establish communication between users. Only two users are allowed in a room at once.

DwayneBot is available in each room. Chat messages are sent through the WebSocket to this server, where the built-in DwayneBot core library is used to process messages and optionally send back a response. No messages are sent outside this server.

If a video chat is started, the browser will send a WebRTC offer over the WebSocket to begin a peer-to-peer connection. I'm using my own STUN server at the address