DwayneBot Web Interface

Post a message here and get a response from DwayneBot.


DwayneBot was originally designed for my Twitch stream, so it's meant to answer questions about me and what I'm doing in the form of commands, usually for an audience. Here's a list of commands the bot understands in this (web) context:

  • !help: Get some information on how to use the bot.
  • !about: About me and the bot.
  • !music: Get the song name and Spotify link for the song I'm currently playing.
  • !weather: Get the weather in my current location (11102).
  • !random [min] [max]: Get a random number. You can optionally include a min and max.
  • !post: Get the title and link of my latest post.
  • !article: Get the title and link of the latest article in my RSS reader.
  • !coin: Do a coin flip.
  • !uptime: Get how long the server has been running.

DwayneBot can also understand some general questions that map to these commands. Examples:

  • Hey bot, how does this work? (Translates to: !help)
  • Hey bot, pick a number from 10 to 20. (Translates to: !random 10 20)
  • Hey bot, what's Dwayne's latest post? And the weather over there? (Combines the results from !post and !weather)

Technical Details: DwayneBot is written in Golang and doesn't use any dependencies besides Twitch and IRC libraries. Language parsing unfortunately only supports English and just uses a series of regular expressions. The source code for DwayneBot is available here.