DwayneBot: Privacy Policy

Both Security and Privacy are very important to me. Here's some information about my policies for DwayneBot.


Most of the features of DwayneBot — and this website in general — are meant to work mostly anonymously and without storing any user identifiable or otherwise unnecessary information.

For general operation (when not directly answering a request that requires external data), DwayneBot does not rely on, or send data to third party services. The only exception is when the Bot uses language translation and the translation process selects DeepL Pro, a third-party translation API, instead of my self-hosted translation API.

Language Translation

Language Translation happens under the following conditions:

  • During the !translate and !exec-translate actions.
  • When auto-translate is turned on and a language other than English is detected.

Depending on the source and target languages, length of text, and API availability, the translation service will choose between a self-hosted translation API (LibreTranslate) or a third-party API (DeepL Pro). All data read, generated, or saved by the self-hosted translation API stays on this server. Data sent to DeepL Pro is covered by their privacy policy here.

Chat Logs and other Data

DwayneBot stores chat logs when configured to do so. Whether its currently logging or not can be changed in real time when asked to do so by an administrator. Anyone can ask the Bot for its logging configuration with questions like: "Hey bot, is this being logged?" or "DwayneBot: are you logging anything right now?"

Chat logs, and any other data stored in DwayneBot's long term memory, is deleted over time and never leave this server. Logs are usually stored somewhere between 24 to 72 hours.

User Accounts

If you're logged into a Dwayne.xyz account when interacting with DwayneBot, it will use two pieces of account data:

  1. Your account type for determining which actions it's allowed to take on your behalf.
  2. Your account Display Name for addressing you in its responses.

Data stored in DwayneBot's memory may contain the name of the user that interacted with it. The data does not include any other account information. Any data stored for the Bot is deleted over time and never leaves this server.

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