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So even though Oracle was selected as “technology partner” for TikTok, the US government will be banning both TikTok and WeChat from American app stores.

Which just… makes the security situation even worse. From the article:

For a policy that is nominally based on protecting national security and the data of American users, this is one of the most counterproductive moves imaginable, considering that the most basic of all security advice is to “keep your apps updated,” because developers often issue updates that fix security holes. By banning TikTok from the app store, it will be impossible for users to update their app, meaning any existing vulnerabilities discovered by ByteDance between now and November will continue to persist for Americans and Americans only.

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Oracle will be “buying” TikTok, not Microsoft.

Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO) coincidently has been very friendly towards the President lately.

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Microsoft being the one to buy TikTok has been weird to me from the start. Their press release praising the president was weird.

Then just recently the CEO quit, which also feels weird.

And now Walmart wants to parter with Microsoft on the deal, which is, yet again, weird to me.

What’s going on here?

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