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Krisp.ai - Noise Cancelling App

I started using this app called Krisp over the weekend, and I’m def impressed.

I was using Discord over the weekend and tried the built in noise suppression. The description for the feature explains that it uses an embedded version of Krisp for it. The app uses machine learning to figure out which sounds are voices, and filters out everything else.

I live right above a night club (which sadly has been silent for the past few months) and next to the N train (which seems to run exactly the same as it always has) and New Yorkers are still New Yorkers so voice calls have been hard with all the noise. I’ve been using Krisp for my Discord, FaceTime, and Hangout calls over the weekend and it completely blocks out all of it.

I’m impressed with how it works but I’m also into machine learning (ML) and all the stuff people are calling AI these days so it’s even more interesting to me. I’ve also been reading about NVIDIA’s version of this, which works through their RTX graphics cards.

I’ve been wanting to start using ML in my projects for a while but I never came up with good enough applications for it. Voice detection is a perfect use case. I think this might have given me a reason to try playing around with it again.

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Re: Announcing TensorFlow Quantum: An Open Source Library for Quantum Machine Learning

Okay, my (very) limited understanding of quantum computing is that it could be exponentially more powerful than classical computing, but right now there are some problems like total running time (milliseconds? nanoseconds?) and very noisy data (considering that’s just quantum mechanics work). This project is machine learning (the thing people have been calling AI for a while) ON quantum computers to help with noisy data, and a bridge between quantum data and classical data.

I can’t tell if this is the beginning of the end of the human race OR just the only way we’ll ever get useful data out of quantum computing at all.


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